Alternative Tastes – Vegetarian Food Guide

This vegetarian food guide will try to describe to you two things. One of them is the typical vegetarian foods that people consume and what makes up a vegetarian food diet. The second part of this article will recommend to the vegans and partial vegetarians out there where to find good vegetarian food in Singapore. Vegetarian food is made up of several things. The first is whole grain foods, which come in the form of stuff like cereals, corn, wheat, oats, rice and products that include pasta, bread and even the Mexican tortilla. They also include legumes like beans and peas, soy’s and pinto, kidney beans and garbanzos. They can come in the form of soy products like drinks and perishable food, friend and naturally prepared tofu and protein foods and can be served as ‘mock meat’

The best examples of vegetables that taste like meat are soy products and brinjal – when carefully prepared, can give the meat taste to vegetarians. Other things include fruits, nuts and seeds, a whole host of monounsaturated and vegetable oils, dairy products, eggs and sweets. There are two types of vegetarians in the world today, those who conform to a strict vegetable diet only, which means they do not eat eggs and dairy products because they come from animals, and the more causal vegetarians who eat eggs and milk – with some of them even eating fish and white meat. Whatever the case, these vegetarians do what they do and eat what they eat based upon the fact that they have a belief and philosophy in life, or wish to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Many Hindus and North Indians in Singapore are vegetarian, which explains the sheer amount of North Indian and South Indian vegetarian restaurants all over Singapore. There has also been an ‘organic food’ explosion, with many organic restaurants opening up in Singapore, touting products and food that is one hundred percent all natural with cooking methods that do not include any sort of use of oil or animal products. This clean and green eating style has been gaining massive popularity in Singapore of late and more and more people have been patronizing these eating houses. Just a quick stroll through Orchard Road will reveal many such places.

Their prices range from affordable to fine dining prices, and some vegetarians shy away because of the price. But not to worry, the suburbs of Singapore and the small rural neighbourhoods have a collection of vegetarian eating houses of all ethnic and sometimes international influences that are sure to offer you something that appeals to you. From strictly all natural eating houses to casual vegetarian restaurants, there is something for everyone. Chinese, Malay, North Indian, Mediterranean and even European influenced eating houses are there are your disposal and the good thing is, they are very descriptive when it comes to cooking methods and ingredients used, because they recognise that vegetarians are very particular about what they eat. For those with alternative tastes and need a vegetarian food guide, look up online and you will find plenty of places to dine at.